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HYDERABAD – Vibrant and Progressive

Hyderabad, joint capital of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, is the sixth largest urban agglomeration of India. The City enjoys the advantage of its location and connects to all major cities in India through rail, road and air. The Hyderabad International Airport (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) provides connectivity to major international & domestic destinations. Hyderabad is ranked 3rd amongst top 20 cities in the world to become ‘Global Mega Hub’ by 2020. This is the only Indian city which figures in the top 10 large cities in the world considered as the ‘Most Sustainable Cities by 2020’

Several world renowned academic and research institutes and universities are based in Hyderabad, thus creating a vast pool of talent. It has a large number of training institutes and coaching centres as well for different fields of study.

430 year old Hyderabad city is home to many historical sites, including the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage site of Chowmahalla Palace, the Charminar, Golkonda Fort, Salarjung Museum, Falaknuma Palace, etc. The city is a regular tourist hotspot and carries many places of interest. Hyderabad's unique flavour gives the city its distinct branding that perhaps none of the other Indian metros can boast of. Hyderabad is a mini-India, a global melting pot. It puts anyone who comes here at ease. Its spirit of entrepreneurship, the easy pace of life, along with the other advantages like its excellent physical and social infrastructure, its knowledgeable people and technology edge imparts it a unique flavour.
Without doubt, experience of studying in Hyderabad will definitely be worthy.

Attractions in Hyderabad

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